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Week 2: Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week: The Power of Simplicity

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Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week

The Power of Simplicity

Week of February 13, 2017: As you may know, Mountain View Bible is currently searching for a more permanent place of worship even as we continue meeting at the NWLHS auditorium. And as we prepare to speak to lenders about a possible building purchase, we have been asked to submit a ministry plan (they call it a business plan) which describes our church and strategy for growth.

This week as I was working on that paper, I came across the following paragraph in our founding documents:

"At Mountain View Bible Church we operate simple ministry, not because we are a new church but because we want to be an effective disciple-making church. Our ministry structure follows the very model that Jesus himself used, of large group meetings, small group discipleship and one-on-one sharing. This simple church structure cuts away a lot of the endless meetings and puts the focus on reaching others with the gospel of Jesus and helping believers to become joyful and victorious followers of Jesus."

The above statement summarizes our simple, personal and practical approach to ministry. It reminded me why Mountain View Bible is so unique.

Please come and visit us at Mountain View to experience the power of simplicity. I believe you will be glad you did.

Rejoicing in Him,
Pastor Jeff

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