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Week 16, Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week, "The Power of Acceptance - Part Seven"

Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week
The Power of Acceptance – Part Seven

How to Rise Above Rejection


“I loved to be loved, and I hate to be hated. I like to be liked or at least tolerated, and everyone that I know feels that way too.”  Grady Tolin

Over the last six weeks, we have been unpacking the topic of acceptance from Ephesian1:6 and Romans 15:7.   Our acceptance is not a side issue as it is foundational to our relationship with God and others.  In Adam we are alienated and condemned by God (rejected).  To compound the divine rejection, other imperfect people who are trying to make their lives work, either overtly or covertly hurt and reject us.  Thankfully Jesus comes to the rescue!   We have learned that we are accepted by God due to Jesus’ complete work of the cross and the resurrection.  (Colossians 1:21-22).  We also learned that to the degree that we accept our acceptance we express acceptance to others.   Romans 15:7 says that “just as Christ accepted you”, we are to accept one another in order to bring praise to God.   The “just as” tells us in the very same way that Christ accepted us so we are to accept others. 


Now I know that all of us are making great progress in these areas.  We are resting in Jesus completed work, accepting our acceptance and accepting others “just as” Jesus accepts us.  But what do you do when others still reject you?  The song lyric from Grady Tolin above states that none of us enjoys rejection!  Unfortunately, no matter how much you love, how pure your motives are, how constantly you walk in the Spirit others will reject you.  The Bible is full of examples of Godly people who were rejected by others.  I don’t know about you but when that rejection comes from the world, from unbelievers who don’t know Christ I can handle it better than when it comes from a fellow believer! 


Rejection will come.  When it does, let it be a mosquito bite on the arm and not a sledge hammer to your head.  Process rejection so that it is an annoyance of a mosquito bite and not the devastating blow of a sledge hammer hit to the head!  The following reminders help me to process rejection:

  •  Remember everybody gets rejected in this life as it is an expression of our DNA in Adam (Matthew 5:11-12)
  • Remember to be responsible for your part.  Did you express ungodly attitudes or actions that stimulated that rejection?  If so, you need to take 100% responsibly for your part and go and make it right with the others person (Romans 12:17-18).
  • Remember that your value and safety is never in what others think of you.  If you must have the full acceptance and love of others to be happy, then you will always be unhappy.   So when rejected, remember and rest that Jesus loves and accepts you eternally (Romans 15:7).  Here is where our full identity in the grace of God in Christ can really have transformational power in our lives.
  • Remember to love and bless the one who rejects you (Romans 12:18-21)
  • Remember how the Lord Jesus was so unjustly rejected, (I Peter3:13-18)
  • Remember that God is using this hurt to shape, model and prefect you further into the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:28)

Yes, it is true that “we loved to be loved and we hate to be hated,” but thank God we can rise above the temporal and conditional love of others in the eternal and unconditional love of God in Christ.   We rise above all rejection as we sink deeper into His arms of love!


Praise Him Now!
Pastor Jeff

stone which the builders rejected



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