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Week 17: Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week, " Competent Communication- Biblical Guideline #1"

Pastor Jeff’s Thought of the Week

Competent Communication- Biblical Guideline #1

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Did you know that the average person talks at a rate of about 125-175 words per minute, while we can listen at the rate of up to 450 words per minute? Because of the difference between speaking speed and thought speed, we have a 75 % time differential with which to encourage our minds to wander. (Carver, Johson & Friedman, 1970.)

This differential between speaking, listening, and processing speed means that we have to make a conscious effort to be good listeners. Is it any wonder that James 1:19 stresses listening as a foundational guideline for good communication?

My dear brothers and sisters, understand this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, (James 1;19, CSB)

The phrase, “be quick to listen,” is a command and it conveys a sense of urgency. It was the same word that the Lord Jesus used when he told the ladies on that first Easter morning to “go quickly” to tell the disciples that He was alive! (Matthew 28:7)

Please consider:

  • What benefits you will personally gain from being a good listener?
  • How will being a good listener enhance all of your relationships?
  • What does good listening say about your love and concern for others?

Listening is a skill that we must work out, for research shows it does not improve with age.
“If we define the good listener as one giving full attention to the speaker, the first-grade children are the best of all.” A researcher found that by high school only 28 % of the average class were listening.” (Ralph G. Nichols, Are We Listening, 1970)

I heard one preacher says “God wants listening to be our priority, that is why He gave us two ears and only one mouth.”

Let’s be great communicators at home, work, church, school, and in the community, by first becoming great listeners.

Praise Him Now!
Pastor Jeff



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All Church Prayer Gathering Sunday, Jul 1 @ 11:00 AM
All Church Prayer Gathering Sunday, Jul 1 @ 11:00 AM
All Church Prayer Gathering Sunday, Jul 1 @ 11:00 AM
All Church Prayer Gathering Sunday, Jul 1 @ 11:00 AM

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