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Week 3: Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week: The Biggest Bite in History
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Pastor J
eff's Thought of the week
"The Biggest Bite in History"


Week 3: February 20, 2017: I love apples of every type and variety! After all, they are delicious and nutritious. Now many people mistakenly believe that when Adam and Eve took from the tree of life and ate, that it was an apple. We have no way of knowing what kind of fruit tree it was, but we do know that it was a real fruit tree. In Adams disobedience of eating from the tree, we have recorded the “Biggest Bite In History.” That bite plunged the entire creation into sin (Romans 5:12.) This may seem like a simple explanation for the mess we are in, but history (the news and yes our own lives) attest that something is desperately wrong in our world, and in each of us! The plight of sin is real and we must understand it and more importantly understand the provision for sin that God has made for us in Jesus' work.

This coming Sunday morning as we study Genesis Chapter 3, we will learn how Jesus is the answer for the plight of sin. Yes, Adam took the biggest bite in history, but the Lord Jesus did a much bigger work.

Please plan to join us this Sunday to receive, reflect upon and celebrate God’s answer to sin in Jesus Christ. I am sure you will find it more nourishing than the best apple in the world.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Jeff

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