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Week 5 Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week - Joining God's Adventure!

Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week
"Joining God's Adventure!"

Week of March 6: In last week’s thought, we established the grand truths from John 5:19-20 that God loves you; He is working in, around and through you. God asks you to discern that working and join Him. This wonderful truth can make your life and the life of our church an exciting adventure. But the questions come up, where and when do I join God. Over the years a short four step process has help me greatly to discern where God is at work and then join Him.

Here is a summary, from Lesson 17 in the Christ Centered Living course:

Step One - Prayer of Consecration - "Lord, I am consecrated to You in my life, and therefore I want your will in this situation.”

Step Two - Study of Investigation - What does the Word of God teach regarding this decision? What biblical principles, prohibitions and patterns should influence my decision?

Step Three - Study the Situation - Identify and weigh the positive, negative, personal and practical factors involved in your decision, then seek the counsel of other godly people.

Step Four - Prayer of Confirmation - Ask the Lord to confirm the way you believe He is leading you by giving you the peace that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Up in New England there is a very treacherous sea port that can only be navigated safely when the beam from the light house on the shore lines up with several buoys in the water way. The same is true in discerning where God is at work in your life and ministry. You can step out in faith and join God in the adventure that He has planned for you when all four of the above steps line up. If I can help you with any of these steps please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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