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Week 14: Pastor Jeff's Thought of the Week, "The Power of Acceptance - Part Five"

Pastor Jeff’s Thought of the Week, “The Power of Acceptance – Part Five”

The Secret to Accepting Others

Therefore accept one another, just as Christ also accepted you, to the glory of God.
 (Romans 15:7  CSB)

Week of May 22, 2017:  Romans 15:7 is a grand slam verse, it clears the bases when it comes to God’s acceptance at work in your life.  Let me share three reasons why I believe that Romans 15:7 is such a compressive verses in the area of acceptance.

First, this verse reminds us of the acceptance we have in Christ, “Just as Christ also accepted you."   Our acceptance before God in Christ is not a side issue, but it is at the heart of our salvation.  This theme has been the topic of the last four articles in case you missed them or need to be reminded. The baseline, the foundation, the starting point of the Christian life, is that through Jesus’ work, you are now accepted by God, reconciled and standing “holy, faultless, and blameless before him.” (Col. 1:22)  Once the foundation is in place, you have both the motive and power for living the Christian life, including accepting others. 

That brings us to the second reason why this is a grand slam verse. Romans 15:7 calls us to accept one another.  The Greek text is an imperative, thus we are commanded to accept, welcome and receive others.  Now let’s be honest, for most of us it easier to accept some people than others. With some folks you will have a natural affinity, shared views, complementing personality, and so accepting them will be a joy.  However, some others will be different from you and acceptance will not be natural.  Well, this text tells us that our acceptance of others can be supernatural!  The secret to accepting others, not just people we relate to or like, but those people who are different, needy, struggling and yes unkind is to accept them in the same way that Jesus accepted you.  Consider the Life Application Commentaries’ note on this verse, “Christ is our model of what acceptance means. When we realize that Christ accepted us, as unlovely and sinful and immature as we were when we came to him (see 5:6, 8, 10), then we will accept our brothers and sisters.”
(Life Application New Testament Commentary.) 


The secret for accepting others is to accept them as Jesus as accepted you.  As you accept your acceptance in Christ you have the foundation, the motivation, the role model, and the power for accepting others.  You don’t reject others because Jesus did not and does not reject you.  This dynamic is pictured in the images below. First, the foundation which is acceptance by God through Jesus. This foundation allows for the building of the next level, which is our acceptance of others. 


the foundation and acceptance


It is really powerful and beautiful when you are so secure in Jesus and so filled with His love, that you can supernatural acceptance of others.  So, here is the secret... rest in your acceptance by Jesus and you will be able to supernaturally accept others, bringing great glory to God!


Next week we will look at the third reason why Romans 15:7 is a grand slam acceptance verse, as it allows us to cope with the rejection of others.

Rejoicing in Him,

Pastor Jeff

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